A Multidisciplinary Academic Approach to the UFO Phenomenon

Could "Aliens" simply be us in the future?

Scheduled for release on March 1st, in the forthcoming book Identified Flying Objects, Dr. Michael P. Masters cautiously examines the premise that “UFOs” and “Aliens” may simply be our distant human descendants, using the anthropological tool of time travel to visit and study us, as members of their own hominin evolutionary past.

Through a holistic analysis of human evolution, astronomy, astrobiology, and the physics of time and time travel, Identified Flying Objects explores how the continuation of long-term evolutionary trends in human culture and biology on this planet, may ultimately result in us becoming the ones piloting these disc-shaped craft, which are likely the very devices that allow our future progeny to venture backward across the landscape of time.

In essence, this text seeks to offer a more judicious explanation for the UFO phenomenon, by scrutinizing the three possible explanations for it… 1) That these are not real events and are simply figments of people’s imagination; 2) That these are real events involving extraterrestrials from a distant planet elsewhere in the universe; and 3) That these are real events involving extratempestrials, whose humanoid form and advanced technology is the result of sustained human evolution here on Earth, long into the distant future.

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